Welcome to M For Mature!

Mandatory as part of your membership, please read the following rules and War Strategy.

We also suggest you check out these pages to make you an asset to our clan:

  1. Base (Defense) Tips
  2. Offense Tips
  3. TH8 and TH9 Upgrade Guidelines
  4. War weight discussion

New Members

We are a War Clan and members are expected to participate in wars unless your heroes or your spell factory are upgrading.

When you join our clan, you are expected to:

- Complete a friendly challenge or post an attack versus a similar level, non-dead base using war troops for review by a Co-leader;

-Temporarily change your home base to your war base for inspection by a Co-leader; and

-Understand our War Strategy.

Doing these things help us to know that you are a team player and that you are willing to sacrifice a little for the clan. Each member of our clan has put a lot of time into wars, our bases and troops, and our strategy--and we win because we work together. If you're new, you are probably going to sit at least one war.

Please see our Base Tips.

Note: how you upgrade your offense and defense affects our war match making, so check out our upgrade guidelines here. A Co-leader can also recommend low war weight upgrades. If you can time it right, put defenses down AFTER we have made a war match. We also recommend that you continuously practice, do friendly challenges, and post attacks--we help each other get better by critiquing and practicing non-stop.

Clan Rules

-Donate 1000 every season for Elder;

-Keep a decent donation ratio (If you have donated more than 500 though, request away);

-When in doubt, donate ARCHERS or WIZARDS;

-Do not Spam;

-Be courteous to other members;

-We war twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays, starting between 7 to 9PM EST (GMT-5); and

-We adhere to a strict War Strategy.

Miscellaneous Junk

-Elders: do not boot someone without Leader or a co-leaders' approval. Summary booting is just not cool; an elder's job is to vet and accept new members, not get rid of the trash.

-When a new member joins, its everyone's responsibility to welcome them. Please lets encourage loyalty in our clan.

-PLEASE socialize with us in chat! We are a fun crowd!

Once you've read this entire page, go back to the clan chat and say "Sam and Matt like to rub weners with Joe" so we know you've read this page.

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